spending a summer in japan
a blog about my trip to japan from 06.11.12 to 08.03.12



hi ; u; i don’t know if anyone remembers this blog from summer of 2012, but i am returning to japan again this year for almost 2 months and will once again be running a blog and be posting plenty of photos/videos! 

here is my new blog ^^ 

this time, i’ll be going with a group of friends/classmates from my school and staying with a host family and attending japanese high school. after that, i’ll be staying with my sister ~ 

i definitely want to take even more photos of everything to share, so please check it out!

匿名: Hello! All of your pictures are lovely ^____^ Thank you for sharing them! Did you ever take any videos (like vlogs)?


thank you so much, i’m so happy you enjoy them ^^

i really wish i did :( i regret not taking any, i’m sorry!

i was with my family, so it might have been a little awkward but i would have if i were with friends sigh

i (very small chance) may be going again for a very short time since my dad is returning for business, or it’ll be next summer for sure >< 

hellofashionslut: hey omg just came across your blog and i love it! I'm going to japan in aug 25 after my birthday I'm super excited and I'm hoping to make friends there !

hello! sorry if this is answered late :( 

i’m so glad you like it! ; u; i’m hoping to start it up again or make a new one next summer when i return ^^

ahhh so lucky! aug 25 is right after my birthday as well~ 

omg i hope you do, i always go with my family so i never get a chance to see anyone my age or talk to people i dont know. but next year i’m going with my japanese class and i’ll be visiting high schools and colleges, so~ 

tell me how it goes! i hope you have a greeeat time <3


looking back, i wish i took vlogs/more videos :c 


here’s my japan-photography blog and here’s my personal ^^

duihyghjmn: Nah I went with the school! I got to stay with a Japanese family for a couple days. :3

An exchange program kind of thing? ; 3; I did that in 6th grade and I went to Kagoshima, it was one of the best experiences of my life omg * u * Can you speak/are you learning Japanese? ^^

duihyghjmn: Yeah I came across it when I saw a photo you took of harajuku and then lurked your blog. XD I went to Tokyo, Kyoto and Hiroshima. c:

Ooh I’ve never been to Kyoto or Hiroshima LOL ;; did you go just for fun? 

duihyghjmn: I'm just looking at your blog, and omg is it perf. I went to Japan last month and enjoyed myself so much. I hope you did too!

ahh people still look at this? ; 3; thank you so much!! where did you go? ^^ i miss it already sigh

Valentine’s Day and White Day

Valentine’s Day is also popularly celebrated in Japan. Typically, it is a day where cards, flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and other gifts big and small are given to friends or romantic partners on February 14th to show their love. However, in Japan, it is slightly different. The girls are usually the ones giving to their boyfriends or husbands, not the other way around. This tradition seems to have generated from a translation error by chocolate company and it has been continued since. Other forms of gifts are mostly uncommon, and chocolate companies sell over half of their annual sales during the week of Valentine’s Day. From around mid-January, extravagant displays of heart-shaped chocolates and such usually appear on the floors of department stores and shops, for it is something they all prepare and look forward to for the upcoming increased sales.

There are several different ‘kinds’ of chocolates to give. Giri-choco is the chocolate office ladies give to their co-workers, meaning they feel obliged to. Cho-giri-choco, “ultra-obligatory chocolate”, is cheap chocolate given to coworkers that tend to be unpopular. Honmei-choco, “favorite chocolate”, is the chocolate that females give to their friends and loved ones. These tend to be much more expensive, or even home made. Friends also exchange tomo-choco, “friend chocolate.”

In response to this day, the Japanese National Confectionery Industry Association createdday called White Day (initially “Ai ni Kotaeru White Date”, meaning “Answering Love on White Day”) in 1978 which became recognized in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Every year on March 14th, one month after Valentine’s Day, men are expected to return the love for those that gave them chocolates with a gift at least twice or thrice more valuable than what they received. Sanbai gaeshi, literally meaning “triple the return”, is used to describe this generally recited rule. Gifting a present of equal value is seen that the man is cutting the relationship. If a man did not give a gift on White Day, it is perceived as him seeing himself in a superior position, even if an excuse was given. Originally, only chocolates were given, but now, popular gifts include jewelry, cookies, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows.

It was first called Marshmallow Day, a failed attempt by a marshmallow manufacturer that wanted men to gift marshmallows to women. People were not too keen on the idea of giving marshmallows, and so the candy changed but color scheme stayed. It it said that the holiday is called “White Day” because it shows pureness and “sweet teen love,” it is also the color of sugar and white chocolate.